Butler Camp enjoys a beautiful location on a 22-acre campus in Darnestown, Maryland. We are also fortunate to enjoy the beauty (and cooler temperatures) of the trails and woods of adjoining Seneca Creek State Park. Hiking and playing in these woods are some of the favorite pastimes of Butler Campers!

Here are a few frequently asked questions about Butler Camp:

We have programs for children ages 3 1/2 to 16.
Campers swim daily in our pool, with the exception of Extreme Adventures, who are off campus most days, and the Young Olympians, who swim most days. The two-foot shallow end allows even the youngest camper to comfortably stand and start their swimming experience. Children are not expected to be “swimmers” when they arrive at camp. On the first day of a session, campers who wish to swim in the deeper end of the pool must pass a swim test, otherwise they are restricted to the “roped off” shallow end (2 to 3 feet depth). Lifeguards and counselors will guide campers in their swimming progress to acquire basic skills and confidence in the water.
Outdoor Adventures offers both land and water activities. Under the direction of our certified instructors and counselors, these campers will balance their days enjoying adventure activities such as archery, canoeing, fishing, ropes course, hiking, tubing and creeking, along with arts & crafts, soccer and games. Every day will include a fun dip in the pool.
Yes. Each camper brings a bag lunch. Many campers use small coolers with ice packs which keep food and drinks satisfactorily cold for the day. Water breaks are taken frequently throughout the day. On Friday, campers may enjoy two complimentary pieces of pizza.
Young Adventures and Backyard Explorers spend time both inside our air-conditioned classrooms and outside on campus. Outdoor Adventurers, Equestrians, Young Olympians and Extreme Adventures campers are outside all day. The Outdoor Adventures groups will travel to local lakes, creeks, the canal towpath and Potomac River for fishing, canoeing, and other water activities. Extreme Adventure campers will often travel to further recreational sites, such as Sugarloaf Mountain, Harper’s Ferry, Six Flags, Greenbriar State Park, and the Monocacy River for their activities.
These equestrians need a regulation (ASTM) riding helmet, smooth-soled boots with an inch heel (inside zippers are not allowed) and riding pants or leggings. Helmets can be purchased locally at “The Surrey” in Darnestown, where you will enjoy 10% savings on your purchases. You can expect to spend between $40 and $70 for a regulation riding helmet.
Our Equestrian Camp can accommodate campers who are occasional through advanced riders.

Beginner – An introduction to horses and riding. Riders will learn to mount, correctly adjust their equipment and begin to work at the walk and trot, and learn basic control signals.

Novice – Riders work to improve their position at the walk and trot and are introduced to the canter. Work over ground poles will be introduced. Riders at this level should be able to bridle a horse and adjust tack.

Intermediate – Open to riders who can post to the trot independently. Riders will practice cantering and be introduced to jumping. There will opportunities to leave the ring for games and trail rides.

Young Olympians – Open to riders who have the ability to compete.

Backyard Explorers have up to 22 campers in their group with three counselors, while Young Adventures have up to 24 campers with three counselors.

Outdoor Adventures are in groups of 12-15 with one counselor and Extreme Adventures have one group of 16-22 children with two counselors. Additional certified instructors join the OA & EA groups for various activities, as needed.

Equestrian Camp and Young Olympians have 12 and 10 children, respectively, with one counselor. When the children are riding, there are 6 children with one instructor and one assistant.

Activities are modified to allow less time in the sun, and more time in the water and the woods. The Equestrian and Outdoor campers will use air-conditioned rooms in the afternoon, or at other times as needed, for some “cool down” time. Drinking water is important EVERY DAY and on “code red” days we are especially insistent that the children take regular water breaks.

The campers also enjoy our “water misting” system to cool off after activities throughout the camp season.

The staff is trained to be especially alert on hot days for any change in the physical condition of a camper.

There will be bus transportation on three routes with designated cluster stops (limited seats available) for a $50 fee per child. If the minimum number of bus riders is not met, Butler Camp reserves the right to cancel a bus route for a session.

Route 1

Potomac Village at Potomac Place Shopping Center (8:00 AM/4:15 PM)
Travilah Square at Darnestown Rd (8:30 AM/3:45 PM)
Washingtonian Woods at Midsummer Dr (8:40 AM/3:30 PM)

Route 2

Quince Orchard HS (8:15AM/3:30 PM)
Lakelands Park MS (8:25 AM/3:40 PM)
Medimmune – Mill Green Ave & Highland Ridge Ave (8:35 AM/3:50PM)

Route 3

Arora Hills Park at Skylark Rd (8:00 AM/4:15 PM)
Giant Foods at Henderson Corner Rd (8:15 AM/4:00 PM)
Cedar Creek Park on Richter Farm Rd/Northwest HS (8:35 AM/3:25 PM)

Drop-In Care is designed to provide occasional or part-time care, before or after camp. Children who need care every day during a two-week session should enroll in Early AM or Extended PM Care. The Camp Handbook will instruct families how to enroll children in Drop-In Care

Please Note: Payment is due when dropping off or picking up your child.

• Application Fees are non-refundable.

• All fees may be paid in full upon registration or contact Scott Chidakel (scott@butlerschool.org or 301-977-6600) to set up a payment plan. Also review the information at the following link:

Payment Plans for Butler Camp 2016
• Changes or substitutions to some of the activities planned and described here may occur due to unusual weather, low water levels or other unavoidable circumstances.

• Sessions many not be split. We are unable to accept campers for partial sessions.

• There will be no refunds or adjustments for absences due to illness, job loss, vacation, relocation, etc.

• Withdrawal from session(s):

– The Required Application Fee of $25 is non-refundable.

– From January 3 to January 31: A $100 processing fee (per camper) will be charged and the remaining fees refunded.

– From February 1 – March 31: forfeiture of 50% of the session(s) fees.

– After April 1: NO refunds of session(s) fees.

– Fees for Extended Care or Bus Transportation will be refunded in full prior to the start of a session.

• Change to a session or program (e.g., switching from one program or session to another) will be subject to a $50 change fee after May 1.

• Persistent inappropriate or dangerous behavior, or behavior that requires excessive attention from a counselor or jeopardizes the safety of the children will not be tolerated, and may result in the camper’s dismissal.

• There will be NO REFUNDS if a camper is asked to withdraw due to behavioral or developmental issues.

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Camp Session Dates 2017

June 19-June 30
July 3-July 14
July 17-July 28
July 31-August 11
August 14-August 18 (Please note: one week session)

Camp Hours 2016

Early AM Care – $100 per session
Extended PM Care – $200 per session
HodgePodge Session – Early AM Care – $50, Extended PM Day – $100
AM – $15 per day
PM – $25 per day
9:00 AM – 3:15 PM
9:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Early AM Care: 7:45 AM – 9:00 AM
Extended PM Care: 3:15 PM – 6:00 PM

Please Note: Payment is due when dropping off or picking up your child.