This booklet will give you the information you need to be an informed camp family. Our goal is for each and every camper to have a wonderful summer at Butler Camp. The entire staff is here to provide a fun-filled summer where your camper will grow through a variety of great summer adventures and new friendships.

Camp Program Options:

Backyard Explorers - ages 3 - 4 yrs. www.butlercamp.org
BACKYARD EXPLORERS – ages 3 – 4 yrs.

In the morning, our youngest campers will be outside playing and swimming, so please apply sunscreen at home. See “Health Information” for important information regarding the use of sunscreen and bug repellent products.

These littlest “explorers” must be self-sufficient and comfortable using the toilet. Children who have more than a couple of “accidents”, especially involving bowel movements, may be asked to withdraw from camp. Hikes, soccer, art, singing, reading, nature explorations and a daily swim are just part of the fun our youngest campers will enjoy!

YOUNG ADVENTURES - ages 5 - 6 yrs. www.butlercamp.org
YOUNG ADVENTURES – ages 5 – 6 yrs.

Soccer clinics, art, games, talent shows and daily swimming, are regular activi­ties for these campers. Nature explo­rations, hikes, singing, and story telling are all part of camp life for these Young Adventurers. Please apply sun screen/bug repellent at home! See “Health Information” for important information regarding the use of sunscreen and bug repellent products.

OUTDOOR ADVENTURES - ages 7 - 10 yrs. www.butlercamp.org
OUTDOOR ADVENTURES – ages 7 – 10 yrs.

These campers will spend half their day doing a land or water activity, and the other half participating in art, hikes, soccer and popular games, such as Capture the Flag and Man-Hunt. Their various adventures include canoeing, tubing, fishing, creeking, archery, ropes course games and high elements. Children enrolled in these activities will travel to Riley’s Lock, Black Hill Regional Park, Seneca Creek State Park and other local recreational areas to make use of this area’s won­derful natural resources. A daily swim in the Butler pool is always cool fun! Be sure that your camper arrives in the morning with sun screen/bug repellent already applied!

EXTREME ADVENTURES - ages 10 - 12 yrs. www.butlercamp.org
EXTREME ADVENTURES – ages 10 – 12 yrs.

These older campers will travel by bus/vans most days to do their various adven­ture activities such as rock climbing, tubing, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, caving, bowling, etc. (not all these activities will done every session). These campers MUST BE AT CAMP ON TIME (by 9:00) or risk being left behind. Counselors will advise the campers when particular clothing is required. Be sure that your camper arrives in the morning with sun screen/bug repellent already applied!

MAX ADVENTURES - ages 13 - 15 yrs. www.butlercamp.org
MAX ADVENTURES – ages 13 – 15 yrs.

Our oldest campers will travel by van to participate in various adventure activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking, caving, whitewater rafting, backpacking, aerial adventure park and more. These campers MUST BE AT CAMP ON TIME (by 9:00AM) or risk being left behind. There will be no PM bus service for these campers. They will be picked up every evening at Butler. Counselors will advise the campers when particular clothing is required. Be sure that your camper arrives in the morning with sun screen/bug repellent already applied!

EQUESTRIAN CAMP - ages 6 - 12 yrs. www.butlercamp.org
EQUESTRIAN CAMP – ages 6 – 12 yrs.

These horse-loving campers will spend half the day riding and participating in equestrian activities, and the other half of the day busy with swimming, soccer, art and games. In addition to riding lessons that will be held in either the indoor or outdoor rings on campus, these young equestrians will also enjoy a trail ride during their session. The last day of each session, campers will participate in the fun competition of a “Games Day”. There will be no riding on the last day of each session. Parents are invited to an “Equestrian Parent’s Day” on the second Thursday of each session to see your camper ride and also to tour the stables to meet their favorite ponies! (More information will be provided during the session.)

The Equestrian staff will teach their groups of young equestrians the fundamentals of horse care and equestrian terminology. Certified instructors provide the riding instruction. This program is designed for new through beginner canter riders (see the FAQ section for more details about riding levels).

YOUNG OLYMPIANS - ages 12 - 16 yrs. www.butlercamp.org
YOUNG OLYMPIANS – ages 12 – 16 yrs.

Our older Equestrians will spend the day focused on horse-relat­ed activities. Their time “in the sad­dle” will include flatwork and jumping, both in the arenas and on trails. In the pursuit of in-depth horse knowledge, Young Olympians will enjoy un-mounted lessons and occasional field trips off campus. Topics, which will vary, may include first aid, dental care, hoof treatment and grooming for shows. Be sure that your camper arrives in the morning with sun screen/bug repellent already applied!

JV COUNSELORS - ages 14 - 16 yrs. www.butlercamp.org
JV COUNSELORS – ages 14 – 16 yrs.

The “JV”‘s should come each day with the following items: notebook, bathing suit, towel, lunch, water bottle, bug repellent, sunscreen, second pair of shoes for messy or wet conditions and lots of enthusiasm and camp spirit! After meeting with their program director, they will then join their assigned group for the morning. After lunch, they will meet as a group, discuss their morning, receive feedback and skills training from the director – and some days, off for some afternoon fun.

Camp Hours:

9:00 AM – 3:15 PM
9:00 AM – 5:30 PM (No PM bus service)
7:45 AM – 9:00 AM
3:15 PM – 6:00 PM

Camp Sessions:

June 19 – June 30
July 3 – July 14
July 17 – July 28
July 31 – August 11
August 14 – August 18 (Please note: one week session)

Things You Need to Know:

Campers should wear causal, comfortable clothes that can tolerate dirt, stains and are suitable for the weather conditions. Butler Camp cannot be responsible for damaged or lost clothing, or other items. Please keep all valuable and “special” personal items, jewelry, personal accessories, etc. at home. NO ELECTRONICS, including cell phones.

The Extreme Adventures, Max Adventures and Outdoor Adventures campers are advised to avoid wearing clothing that is made of lycra or is restrictive, such as jeans.

NOTE: We will keep any the “Lost & Found” items for two weeks after each ses­sion. Anything remaining after two weeks will be donated to charity.

Each camper needs a backpack to hold daily essentials: food, water bottle, swimsuit, towel and for the younger campers (Backyard Explor­ers and Young Adventures), an extra set of clothes. Campers will need both sunscreen lotion and bug repellent. See the “Health Information” section for important information regarding the use of these products.

IMPORTANT: The following items should remain at home and not brought to camp: toys, “water wings” or other inflatable swim items, electronic games and devices, cell phones, pocket knives, and trading cards. Trading of any popular or collectible items is prohibited at camp.

  • Backyard Explorers & Young Adventures

    Refrigeration for lunch will not be provided. Please pack lunches that contain nonperishable items. Campers can use a lunch bag (brown paper, reusable vinyl, etc.). If you prefer, a small “cooler” may be used but make sure that it is a manageable size for your child to carry. Both a morning snack and lunch, including a lunch drink, will be needed each day. A healthy snack, kept in a small, separate container or a plastic bag marked “snack”, and a balanced, nutritious lunch will help maintain your camper’s energy. Avoid sugary foods that tend to dehydrate children, especially on hot days, and do not “refuel” children well for their active day. These young campers are asked to avoid red and purple colored drinks and glass items!

  • Outdoor Adventures, Extreme Adventures, Max Adventures, Equestrians & Young Olympians, JV

    Campers in these programs are outside all day so food should be carefully packed with regards to the heat and contain nonperishable items, as refrigeration is not provided. Small “coolers” and ice packs are helpful for keeping a camper’s morning snack, lunch and lunch drink sufficiently cool and safe. Healthy, nutritious food will help your camper with the necessary energy they need as they go through their active day; avoid sugary foods and drinks which tend to increase dehydration on hot days.


    Every Friday we offer each camper two pieces of plain cheese pizza for lunch. If two pieces will not be enough for your camper, please pack supplemental food.

  • ALL campers need to bring a water bottle EVERYDAY. Wa­ter bottles should be labeled with your child’s name and will be refilled as needed throughout the camp day. The bottles will go home each day to be cleaned for use the next day.
    A sturdy but comfortable pair of shoes that are suitable for running, and other outdoor activities, and that completely enclose your child’s foot is required. NO SANDALS!
    All campers need to bring an pair of “creeking” shoes ( a second pair of shoes) on the first day of a session.

    These creeking shoes can be an old pair of shoes, or if necessary, purchase an inexpensive canvas “sneaker” with a sturdy sole, that can tolerate long hikes and rough terrain. The shoes must completely enclose the foot.

    BEWARE: Creek shoes may be in rough condition at the end of your child’s camp session(s) and ready for the trash bin! These shoes will be kept at camp during the session and returned on the last day.

    Riders must wear hard-soled shoes with a heel (zippers on outside only), and long pants (either riding pants or leggings). A riding helmet that is certified as meeting the A.H.S.A. standards is required. These helmets may be purchased at various tack shops in the area, including: The Surrey in Darnestown 301-519-7315 or Stablemates in Mt. Airy 301-829- 0333. You may also order online from www.statelinetack.com or www.doversaddlery.com. The Surrey will give a 10% discount on purchases of these required items with proof of Butler Camp registration.

    These equestrians campers will also need creeking shoes and it will be choice if they need other footwear for activities and hiking. No sandals or flip-flops!

    Every camper needs a hat, marked with the child’s name, to provide sun protection.
    We encourage campers to bring their own fishing rods and tackle boxes. We will have equipment available for those who need it. Please make sure that the fishing equipment is clearly marked with the camper’s name. Butler Camp cannot be held responsible for any lost or damaged items. Butler Camp has fishing rods for campers who do not have, or do not wish to bring, their own equipment.
    It is assumed that individual campers cannot swim until they demonstrate otherwise. This is especially true with the younger campers. To swim in the 4 – 5 foot “deep” end of the pool, a camper must first pass a swim test. Great attention is given to watching the campers while in the pool, even in the shallow end which is only 2 – 3 feet deep. Two lifeguards are always “on duty” in addition to at least one counselor poolside who is watching the children in the pool.

    To help children learn how to swim, as well as appreciate the safety required in water, “water wings”, life vests and other inflat­able devices are not permitted at the pool.


    The Extreme Adventurers will enjoy an Overnight with their staff on the second Tuesday of each session (June 27, July 11, 25 and August 8). Please be advised that should weather cause a cancellation, campers will need to be picked up at the regular dismissal time and the Overnight will be rescheduled for the next day (Wednesday). Campers will need a sleeping bag. A list of other items recommended for the Overnight will be given at the beginning of the session. On the caving day, campers will have an extended camp day, returning to campus by 6:30 PM (dinner will be provided); more information will be given during the session.


    The Max Adventurers will spend 2 nights out each session, giving them an opportunity to travel farther away from Butler Camp in search of new adventures. Campers must be willing and able to spend the night away from home for 2 nights, and be comfortable riding a bike and hiking a few miles at a time.

    Butler Camp Cookouts for these programs are scheduled on the second Tuesday of each session, and will extend the camp day until 7:00 PM. Details for the Cookouts will be provided during each session. Please be advised that should weather cause a cancellation, campers will need to be picked up at the regular dismissal time and the Cookout will be rescheduled for the next day (Wednesday).

    Cancellation Policy: Should it be necessary to cancel any of these overnight or cookout activities due to weather 
or other unforeseen circumstances, a notice will be posted on the Butler Camp website by 1:00 PM.

    Information About Carpool, Bus Transportation & Extended Care:

    If your child is enrolled in this early morning program, please park your car in the designated area on the circular driveway and walk in the door at the lower end of the building. For safety reasons, parents should always escort their children into “Classroom 1”, where a counselor will greet them, and parents sign in their camper. (For information about how to use Drop-In Care, please see the section under “Communications”.)

    Please Note: Payment is due when dropping off or picking up your child.

    To help us start off the day smoothly, please follow the appropriate carpool directions below. A counselor will come to your car, greet you and assist the children out of the car (and car seats). It is important in helping the carpool line move smoothly that parents remain in their cars.
    Because our Summer Primary Montessori Class will be dismissed between 3:00-3:10, please plan to arrive for afternoon pickup after 3:10.

    At dismissal, please follow the same procedure as you did for “drop off”. It is very important that drivers remain in their cars; counselors will assist any child who needs to be secured in a car seat, or will direct you to pull over if they need your assistance with safely securing your child in the car seat.

    If your child is enrolled in Extended or Drop-In Care, parents should park their cars in the designated area on the circular driveway and walk in the main entrance. A staff member will greet you and invite you to wait in the foyer area until your child is ready. A Late Fee Policy memo will be given to you the first day, which will explain the fees assessed if you arrive after 6:00 PM. Please note: weather conditions, unexpected traffic delays and any other unexpected circumstances will not excuse late fee payments.

    Please Note: Payment is due when dropping off or picking up your child.

    Bus Transportation:

    Bus Transportation…$50 per session (round-trip only)
    HodgePodge Session – $25 (round-trip only)

    Parents will be contacted a few days before the start of a session to confirm bus transportation details. In the morning, please walk your child to the bus where the driver or counselor will greet them and assist them to their seats. Parents are not allowed on the bus!

    To help the children and the camp staff, please be punctual; the bus will only wait a few minutes before departing for the next stop. If you have any difficulties meeting the bus at the designated time, please call the camp office immediately (301-977-6600) to make alternative arrangements as needed for your camper.

    Pick-ups and Dropoffs at the following locations:
    • Potomac Village – 8:00AM – 4:15PM
    • Travilah Square at Darnestown Rd – 8:30AM – 3:45PM
    • Washingtonian Woods at Midsummer Dr – 8:40AM – 3:30PM
      • Quince Orchard High School – 8:15AM – 3:30PM
      • Lakelands Middle School – 8:25AM – 3:40PM
      • Medimmune – 8:35AM – 3:50PM
        • Arora Hills Park at Skylark Rd – 8:00AM – 4:15PM
        • Giant Foods at Milestone – 8:15AM – 4:00PM
        • Cedar Creek Park at Northwest High School – 8:35AM – 3:25PM
        • Carpool Lines (for Arrival & Dismissal on campus):

          Parents should drive up to the sign marked “Carpool 1” in front of the main building. Wait for carpool to begin. Once carpool begins please pull as far forward as possible. A counselor will great your child and help them out of your car. They will be guided to the main building and escorted to their classroom. REMEMBER: Please stay in your car!
          Please pull up and past the “Carpool 2” sign. Campers will be greeted by counselors and directed to underneath the pavilion.
          Turn left at the multipurpose building towards the stable area and Park House, and follow the driveway to the right as it circles near the Park House building.
          If your morning is such that a timely arrival is not possible, parents should park in the designated areas and escort their camper to the Camp Office and sign in. A staff member will escort the camper to their group.

          If you need to pick up your child before the end of the camp day, please inform the counselor of your plans with a written note, or call the office well beforehand. Please do not communicate important information verbally with staff, as it may be conveyed inaccurately. Parents should park their cars and walk to the Camp Office to meet their child, and sign out.

          Health Information:

          NO medication, prescription or non-prescription, may ever be in the possession of a camper! Parents need to bring medication(s) along with the required “Parent’s Request to Administer Medication at School/Camp” form. This form is available on our website under the camp link.

          The office will be accepting medications from 8:15 AM-9:00 AM on the first Monday of each session. Please bring all prescription and non-prescription medications that your camper(s) will need for the entire session(s) while at camp. Our Supervisory Nurse, Rachel Dietrich, will be at the front desk area of the Main Building to receive and check medications, and answer questions.

          • Prescription medications must have a pharmacy label.
          • All medications must be in their original container.
          • All non-prescription medications must be clearly marked with the camper’s name.
          • A signed medication authorization form from the camper’s doctor for EACH medication (prescription and non-prescription) is required. These forms are available on the camp web site or by contacting Heather Pelkey.
          • Medications need to be picked up by a parent on the camper’s last day.
          • Counselors will be responsible for carrying any and all medications needed for emergency care for a camper when the group is away from the main building.
          • When emergency care is administered, i.e., use of an Epi Pen, the camper will be brought to the camp office for evaluation and monitoring by the Certified Medication Technician, who will determine if further medical attention is needed.
          • Campers enjoy our beautiful 22-acre campus that adjoins Seneca Creek State Park. These and all the other lo­cal wooded areas that the campers visit are the habitat for wildlife. To help your camper enjoy both a fun experience at camp and good health, we advise the following:
            • Minimize exposed skin
            • Use bug repellent wipes or spray with at least 20-30% DEET solution, as recommended by the Academy of Pediatrics
            • Keep extra bug wipes or lotion in a bag marked with camper’s name and a signed note directing “staff to apply bug repellent as needed”
            • Do nightly tick checks (deer ticks are very small, pin head size)
            • If a tick is found on a child at camp, the parent will be called to discuss steps to be taken.
            • Warning
              Please note: no method is “fool proof” so “checks” are important. Additionally, a tick needs to be present more than 24 hours before transmitting anything.
              Sunburn Protection and Sunscreen Use

              To help our camp staff protect your camper from sunburn while at camp, please do the following essential steps:

              • Always apply sunscreen on your camper at home
                Use a lotion that has at least 30-50% UVA/UVB protection
              • Send a second sunscreen lotion bottle to camp marked with camper’s name
                Outdoor Adventures, Extreme Adventures, Max Adventures and Equestrian campers are expected to apply lotion themselves.
              • Please Note: Backyard Explorers and Young Adventures campers
              • No spray sunscreen bottles
              • Both sunscreen lotions and bug repellent will be kept in their classroom during the session and sent home on the last day.
              • When we experience extreme conditions, the camp schedule is modified to significantly reduce activity in the sun and heat, and campers are watched carefully to ensure that they are properly hydrated and not showing any signs of being affected by the heat. The Outdoor Adventures, Equestrian and Young Olympian campers are given “cool down” time in air-conditioned rooms in the afternoon, and other times as needed; Backyard Explorers and Young Adventures campers will enjoy more time in their air-conditioned classrooms. Outdoor activities are mostly scheduled in the earlier, cooler part of the day, or in the shaded, cooler environment of the woods.
                When there is a concern, question or comment regarding your child’s experience at camp, parents are asked to first confer with the camp director, Heather Pelkey by visiting or calling the camp office. It is important that parents do not disturb counselors when they are with their groups, so as not to interfere with the supervision of the campers or cause a distraction. E-mail communication is also welcomed and should be sent to Heather Pelkey at camp@butlerschool.org.

                For accounting or payment inquiries, please contact our business manager, Scott Chidakel at 301-977-6600×16 or by e-mail at scott@butlerschool.org

                Questions regarding health issues, medication or Drop-In Care should be directed to Heather Pelkey, our Camp Director and certified medical technician at 301-977-6600 × 14 or by e-mail at heather@butlerschool.org.

                To schedule a visit with your child’s group, or with any member of our staff, please call the camp director, Heather Pelkey, at 301-977-6600. She will review your child’s camp schedule and arrange a time during an activity that you wish to view. Generally, visits are about 30-40 minutes long. If you wish to meet with a counselor or other staff member, she will be happy to work out a time that is convenient to everyone.
                Fees & Times: Fees are per child, per day, for any amount of time during the hours of Drop-In Care.

                AM – $15 – 7:45-8:45 AM
                PM – $25 – Close of carpool until 6:00 PM (Extended-Day late fee policy fees will be incurred after 6:00 PM)

                To request Drop-In Care for either Early Morning or Extended PM, please call Heather Pelkey at the main office (301-977- 6600), or by sending her an email before 2:00 PM for same day requests. You will present your credit card to Heather Pelkey, or the office staff, the same day as Drop-In Care to settle payment for Drop-In Care charges.

                Any camper who has not been picked up at the close of carpool (3:30) will be sent to Drop-In Care and you will be charged.

                Carpool Form

                Medication Administration Authorization Form

                Please Note: Payment is due when dropping off or picking up your child.